Find a RAMEN matches your country

  • The word “RAMEN” in a nutshell, there are many different types of ramen in Japan.
    As already mentioned, the history of ramen in Japan is not very old, dating back to 1910. However, during the chaotic postwar period, “Yatai” ramen took root as the taste of the common people and evolved into ramen with regional characteristics.
  • From the 1970s, eating out in Japan underwent a major transformation from a livelihood to an industry. Ramen has evolved into many different forms in this trend.
  • About Noodles

  • The thickness and hydration rate of ramen noodles vary widely from region to region.
    As shown in the figure, they vary in different parts of Japan. Pasta is also added to the matrix as reference information.
  • takesan

    Modern ramen stores produce noodles in their stores.

Ramen noodle type

the Noodle thickness and hydration matrix

  • About Soup

  • Japanese ramen soup is made by mixing a base soup with a sauce called [KAESHI]. Ingredients for the base soup includePork bones, Chicken bones, Beef bones, Seafood, and Vegetables.
  • Sauce, also known as “KAESHI” or “TARE,” is made from the following ingredients∙ Soy sauce and oil∙ Miso (soybean paste)∙ Salt and seSoupings
ramen soup

Ramen soup is a profound thing.

Pork bone broth ramen

Chicken bone ramen



Beef bone ramen

Soy sauce ramen

Vegetable ramen, VEGAN ramen



Start a ramen restaurant

There are several ways to open a Japanese ramen restaurant in your country.
As we have told you, Japanese ramen has its own unique characteristics in both the noodles and soup, so learning about them before starting is a good way to go.

Introduce opportunities to learn about noodles.
Here are some opportunities to learn about soups.
A good way to learn about both is to choose a franchise.

How to choose a Ramen franchise

  • Find out what type of ramen matches your country.
  • Religion, availability of raw materials, direction of consumer trends
  • Find out what kind of ramen matches your country
  • What about religion, availability of raw materials, direction of consumer trends?
  • Do you need a chef or not?
  • Is job hopping common in your country?
  • Is there a system in place for anyone to make good tasting soup?
  • Can noodles be stably procured?
  • Is there a system that allows noodle-making in the store?
  • Can you discuss directly with the president of the franchise headquarters?
  • Does the franchise headquarters have flexible ideas?


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