Another popular way to eat noodles!


About Okonomiyaki

    Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki is another delicious way of eating noodles that is very popular in Japan.

    That tasty meal is cooked on a hot table (teppan) and eaten with a spatula (hera).

    The farandole of ingredients gives this meal a richness in taste and texture completely different to Ramen (Japanese noodle soup).

  It is made of several layers of ingredients and toppings: batter, cabbage, bean sprout, meat or seafood and egg topped with sauce, mayonnaise, bonito (fish) and algae flakes and, what makes Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki one of a kind, a huge portion of cabbage, noodles (soft or crispy) and the delicious special Otafuku sauce!

Chinchikurin’s Okonomiyaki


    Chinchikurin’s Okonomiyaki’s taste is a wholesome meal, loaded with ingredients, which can even be shared with a friend. Even if the volume looks big initially, it does not feel too heavy and greasy at all!

    Okonomiyaki means “cooked as you like” therefore you can choose from a lot of different options. If you prefer beef, pork, seafood or vegetables, the choice is yours! You can even choose between the more traditional soft noodles, which are boiled on the hot table or crispy and crunchy noodles, very popular abroad!

    You can enjoy the full experience of Okonomiyaki when sitting at the counter. Seeing your food being cooked in front of you by the chef from a mountain of ingredients to your Okonomiyaki is possible! You can have the same tasty Okonomiyaki, whether you are in Hiroshima, Tokyo or even the USA thanks to the simplicity of execution and Chinchikurin’s quality control.


Franchise characteristics


    Chinchikurin is a Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki restaurant company that has successfully implanted abroad (USA, L.A.).

    The success and specificity of the franchise relies on the tools (teppan, the hot table) coming straight from K2S headquarters and its training.

    Even inexperienced workers can learn about the techniques that are needed to be an Okonomiyaki chef with the training course included.

   K2S being professionals makers of teppan (hot table), the fabrication and supply of it will be managed by them. Thanks to that special teppan, any inexperienced worker can cook a high quality Okonomiyaki.


Investment information

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Headquarters’ information

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