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This year we will be holding| Japan International Franchise Show 2022

The Franchise Show in Japan Unfortunately, however, there are entry restrictions in Japan. If you are interested in franchising in Japan, please contact me. I will gather information on your behalf and deliver it to you. Link to main web site. All Exhibitor List A Booth No. ADAPTGEN PHARMACEUTICAL FC4089 AIWA ADVERTISEMENT FC3028 ALUE FC4111 ANTOWORKS FC4009 APISH / APISH FC3055/オンライン AQUA FC4094 AQUANET FRANCHISE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE FC4032 ASCO TECHNICA FC4077 ASIAWIDE FRANCHISE CONSULTANTS Asiawide Exhibits include : 1) AFC Brochures offering ONE-STOP Consultancy ; 2) AFBO MaGAZINE offering advertisements & 3) Franchisors’ Brochures (F&B, Education , Retail & services) from around the world. FC4108 ATOM-DENKI FC4013 ATTO FACILITY LABO … Continue reading

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Assentia Holdings has made a commitment to eradicate poverty through micro-franchising.   Assentia Holdings,Inc. and Taiyo Yuka Co., Ltd. (President: Taihei Ishida, Head Office: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo), announced the “Nutrition Commitment,” a set of specific goals for improving nutrition, on the occasion of the Tokyo Nutrition Summit 2021 to be held on December 7-8, 2021 (hosted by the Japanese government), and registered it on the Commitment Registration Site ( Global Nutrition Report). Based on our philosophy of “solving social issues through business,” we have formulated the “Nutrition Commitment” with the goal of creating food and jobs in Africa and other countries where poverty and hunger are challenges by establishing a micro franchise … Continue reading

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Speech at the FAO Seminar

On December 7-8, 2021, the “Tokyo Nutrition Summit” (an international conference on food issues hosted by the host country of the Olympic Games. As part of FAO’s (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) activities for the “Tokyo Nutrition Summit” a discussion event was held online on November 18, 2010, with the theme of using technologies and ideas from the Japanese private sector for measures to improve nutrition around the world. The event was attended by local governments, universities, and private companies from Kenya, Ghana, and Vietnam in Africa to discuss how to use the technologies and know-how of Japanese private companies to improve nutrition in these countries. In … Continue reading

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