History of RAMEN.

Ramen is very popular all over the world.

It has become very popular, especially in NY, and has spread throughout the USA, and is also popular in EU countries such as Germany, UK, France and Spain.
In Asia Pacific, we are very popular in Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and, of course, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China.

Why is Ramen so popular?
USA’s ramen experts describe it as “all about Japanese food in a ramen dish. He also describes it as “a course meal with soup, appetizer, main course and carbohydrates, all served in one dongburi”.


Such ramen also evolves.

Ramen has only 110 years of history.
“SHINASOBA” was born in 1910 at a Chinese restaurant called “RAIRAIKEN” in Asakusa, and “SHININA” means “CHINA”.
The ramen name has only been around for 98 years.
The first time the name “ramen” appeared in Japanese history was in 1922, in Sapporo.

It was with the appearance of TONKOTSU-RAMEN that RAMEN went on a trip to the world.
BARI-UMA is a representative of this.

Then, the TONKOTSU-based ramen and
And then there’s even RAMEN, which is free of animal products and free of MSG.
TAKE-SAN is the representative of Plant based ramen.

RAMEN was also born, which provides the same level of service as ANA and JAL’s CAs.
ZAGIN is the number one customer service store in RAMEN.

To deploy RAMEN in your country, there is FRANCHISE.

There are several Ramen franchises, but
The three are reassuring.


There are many different types of ramen in Japan. Here are some ramen noodles I’ve eaten in the past year.

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