Nail it! Tokyo

Nail it! Tokyo

Nail salons that can provide KAWAII (cuteness) at a low cost and in a short time.



Characteristic from the customer’s point of view

  • “Cute and stylish stores!”
  • “It only takes 30mins: a half of the time required in a regular nail salon.”
  • “They can respond quickly to the various design requests.”
  • “The main artist who draws a design is a machine.”
  • “You can choose from 450 design options.”
  • “Even the first-time user can feel relaxed with this low price!”
  • “Stores are found in convenient locations (inside stations/ shopping malls).”


Characteristic of the business

  • The use of the nail design machine has dealt with soaring labour cost in the future
  • Japanese-style cute/ KAWAII The store itself becomes the attraction.
  • Headquarters’ personnel training system (Thailand)
  • A venue development in a station or in a shopping mall by the headquarter (Thailand)
  • An established training system


Investment information

Initial investment cost: from USD70,000 (Thailand)

Number of managers required: min. 1

Number of staff required: min. 5



FC headquarters’ information

Beauty it(Thailand)

Number of directly managed stores: 14

FC stores: 6