TGAL delivery

An innovative delivery system that brings you the best Japanese food that you could be delivered!

What is TGAL?

TGAL is one of the biggest food delivery system in Japan. In the wake of a growing need for delivery services, TGAL is a pioneer in its genre. Where most of the restaurants are specialized in one kind of food, TGAL offers a broad range of recipes from select Japanese restaurants. With TGAL, we can bring delicious Japanese food to your country!


How can TGAL offer that many recipes?

TGAL select different already established and famous Japanese brands to their catalog, ranging from high class/high profit brands and middle class/high order rate brands. Therefore, with TGAL one kitchen can prepare food from up to 20 to 30 brands of restaurants. That food can be enjoyed as if you were in the brand’s restaurant itself!


How does TGAL delivery work?

Though, from the customer’s end it looks like a normal restaurant delivery, but only one kitchen is needed to prepare and deliver several brands and types of food. It looks like it is from different restaurants but it comes in fact from the same place. 

Dishes reach the kitchen, from the various restaurants, frozen and is left to do only short time preparation as frying, warming and dressing up the food in the delivery box. Since there is no skill intensive preparation to do, there is no need for a skilled chef to achieve the high quality that TGAL offers. 

As it can be operated with a smaller crew and within a smaller location, overall operating costs are lower. 

The result is a meal that is very close in terms of taste and visuals to what you can have in a restaurant, while it is being delivered to you at your convenience. This high quality service makes it up to build client loyalty. Even more when TGAL deliveries have a high rate of repeating customers.


TGAL delivery does not compete with aggregators such as Uber Eats, Grubhub or Just Eat. There is the possibility to either use them or any independent delivery system to deliver the food to the customers or manage directly the deliveries.

Because of their wide choice in brand, it is possible to expand and tune your choices of brand and menu to the customer needs, preferences and what is most popular in your area. Also, having multiple brands of different standard allows to appeal to a broad range of customers. It helps to have a more stable income. 

With lower costs and broad dishes choice, it is the perfect way to jump into the marker of Japanese food without committing to big costs. You can try some brands in an area and depending of its success open a bigger store.

TGAL has already started to expand abroad with their two stores in Singapore and soon to be opened eat-in and delivery store in New York, USA.

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