update on Apr 16 2021

The authentic taste of Japanese Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen with a thick broth!

BARI UMA’s taste


BARI-UMA is a ramen chain that has perfected through research their soup broth. Their thick and flavorful broth has the right amount of richness and saltiness without being overwhelming. The noodles are made in store and their firmness can be ordered to your preference. The cha-siu pork grilled and smoky flavor will melt into your mouth. According to the locations, chicken bone broth and chicken toppings can also be used. The taste is as authentic as you could find in a Japanese restaurant.

BARI-UMA also offers a varied side menu with crispy and juicy karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken), flavorful gyoza and yakitori among them. Customers usually come back as they want to try the whole menu. The overall menu can be changed and adapted to the customer trend and needs.


Franchise information


The delicious taste of BARI-UMA’s ramen comes from their pre packaged broth. In a normal ramen shop, the broth takes hours to simmer and does not have a constant quality but here, it has been specially formulated so that the quality and taste stay the same, no matter who prepared it. The soup package is even stable at room temperature so no need for specific storage and it’s easy to export.

Homemade noodles are easily made from scratch thanks to the Japanese noodle-making machine and boiling machine.

No need for former cooking experience as the process of making a bowl of ramen is simple and can be done with minimal training. This training is available either in English or Chinese and is conducted in Singapore.

BARI-UMA is a well systemized ramen chain that, thanks to their efficiency, has already opened restaurants and franchised restaurants even abroad where Singapore and Hong-Kong locations are considered top class and some of the most delicious ramen shop.

Due to the simplicity of the dishes and menu as well as their planning, BARI-UMA restaurants have a good return on investment.


Investment information

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The country we are aiming for

We had the possibility to expand to all countries.
In the past, our priorities have been the following countries
Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Vancouver, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Portugal, Brasil and EU countries.