Analyze Cost Reduction

For whom want to reduce the cost.
Are you worried about these?

  • Want to reduce the cost and make a profit.
  • Want to know the right price of the building investment.
  • Have never negotiated about the rent since the beginning of the store.
  • Want to know if the cost price is higher or lower than other dealers.
  • Want to know if the rent of our stores is a fair price.
  • Want to know how to adjust labor costs.

We support the rationalization of the costs of the various headquarters.


1. Support to improve the rent.

Help to negotiate the rent reduction.We support to improve the rent based on a number of successes in the past.
The huge rent data that we have opened stores all over Japan in the past, we can make the market price.
Our staff who knows all about restaurant and franchise businesses supports the negotiation.
We have the know-how that produces surely good results.
The rent investigation is free of charge. Please contact us first.


2. Support to improve the initial investment (such as the cost of building)

As for building stores, do you always get competitive quotes from the same suppliers?
Our service will introduce competitive firms in each category, and makes reduce the initial investment of new stores than ever.
If you are not satisfied with the initial investment in the past, please contact us.
Send us information, and we will give you a tentative estimate of the initial investment for free.


3. Support to improve the purchasing cost.

Have you ever been worried that if the purchasing cost is too high or not?
The purchasing costs vary a great deal depending on the company size.
We will estimate the right purchasing cost of yours from the market price of others.
If you are not satisfied with the purchasing costs, please let us know.
We will evaluate the improvements first.


4. Support to improve the labor costs.

Shift arrangement is required for the store business as it is the labor-intensive business.
Based on our store management experience, we will support and guide the points to control in stores.
Labor cost adjustment should be done with a structure.
Japan’s labor productivity of service business is very low even among the advanced countries.
With introducing the cases of the US FC chains of which the country has very high productivity in that kind of business, we will support your company. Please contact us.


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