Franchisee support services

Support service of franchisees or who wish to be a franchisee.
For whom wish to join a FC chain or already joined.

Are you worried about these?

  • Not sure which franchisors I should contract.
  • Not satisfied with franchisor’s promotion system.
  • Not sure this franchisor is really good enough. The cost is too high.
  • Worry about whether the franchisees making enough profit.
  • Want to know the right price of purchase cost.
  • Worry about the location introduced from the franchisor is really good enough or not.
  • Don’t know how to manage a staff cost.
  • Unhappy with the franchisor’s leadership.

We are consulted on these matters.


The point to see through Franchisors.

The franchisor’s decision is good enough? The business scale is commensurate with your company (yourself)? The business category is suitable for your company (yourself)?
Must be determined by a variety of perspectives.
We are going to tell you the point whether the franchisor is suitable for you, whether the franchisor is really good enough for you.
Please contact us before you contract a membership agreement.
We provide advice for these based on the cases we have decided various things from the same positions as yours.

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