KOBAC U car and car maintenance

KOBAC U car and car maintenance

Japan’s largest car maintenance chain based in Toyota city

Characteristics from the customer’s point of view

  • “Japan’s best and largest car maintenance chain. You can find a safe and secured second-hand vehicle that has full maintenance record from the factory shipment to yesterday.”
  • “The company concept is ‘Don’t wait till it’s broken. Maintain and inspect your car to prevent it from breaking.’”
  • “The car will have a long life; therefore you can use it for a long time, and you can sell it at a good price when you want to buy a new one.”
  • “Car life lifetime cost will be reduced, and there will be less discarded cars; the system is eco-friendly.”

Characteristics of the business

  • Second-hand automobile businesses often fail to provide enough vehicle information, but KOBAC will have all the information from the factory shipment.
  • The commitment to be sincere to their customers
  • No middleman involved= low price
  • They already have an established method to learn techniques of the inspection and maintenance
  • The appeal for preventive maintenance indicates the company philosophy
  • Possible to have a right of exclusivity


Investment information

Initial investment cost: from USD300,000 per store

Number of the managers required: min.1

Retail space required: min. 260sqm

Number of staff required: min. 6


FC headquarters’ information


Number of the directly managed stores: 16

Number of FC member stores: 450