RAMEN: Plant based MISO Ramen/ no meat, no fish, no eggs and no MSG & VEGAN

Nagano Miso Clay pot Ramen TAKESAN

Characteristics from the customer’s point of view

  • “They serve very rich miso ramen, but there is also the healthy vegetarian option in the menu.”
  • “In the vegetarian ramen, it contains no animal products, no MSG; hence, the clean aftertaste and healthiness.”
  • “Japanese traditional clay pot is used for the ramen. You can enjoy it till the last drop of soup.”
  • “Japan’s largest produced miso, Shinshu Miso, is generously used in the ramen.”

Characteristics of the business

  • Take-san created the plant-based vegan menu for the people from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs to enjoy its ramen as well as managed to keep the true essence of what’s good about Japanese ramen
  • Plant-based ingredients cost less than meat-based. The cost of Take-san ramen is less than ramen shops in general
  • There is also a vegetarian gyoza option as well as the regular gyoza
  • Products that have many repeat customers
  • You will have the noodle making machine in the restaurant and make the best noodle possible using locally sourced flour. Delicious and cost-effective!


Investment information

Japan-made equipment required: specific noodle making machine and noodle boiling machine

Number of managers required: min. 1

Retail space required: 75sqm-150sqm

Number of staff required per store: min.4

FC headquarters’ information


Number of directly managed stores: 2

Number of FC member stores: 1

Number of overseas stores: 1

The following photo shows a Franchisee store opened in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in August 2019.