COPEL: Early Childhood Education Program

Business Philosophy

Copel Slogan

Make the world a better place through education

Copel Initiative

To help people grow and raise consciousness

Our Goals

To move towards a society that embraces

activating the entire brain.

To realize a more peaceful world that is full of joy and love.

 Copel Work Ethic

I want to make people around me happy.

Doing things out of joy leads to fulfilling work.



Unicef  said

Necessity of the early childhood education

In a short 36 months, children develop their abilities to think and speak, learn and reason and lay the foundation for their values and social bahaviour as adults.



Brain Development

It’s said that the brain is 100% developed by the age of 12, and its capabilities are determined by the age of 6.



What is happening inside the human brain?

Children will reach their full potential if the connection between the right and left-brain are triggered and strengthened.

At Copel, we want every child to reach their full potential and succeed. Our programs focus on activating the entire brain.


When are connections made?

Connections are made in the brain when a child is fully engaged in an activity. It is said that the attention span of a child depends on their age. Most times it lasts the number of minutes of their age plus 1 more minute.

For example, a 3 year old would have an attention span of about 4 minutes. It seems as though children during early childhood are easily distracted. However they actually pay attention to many things. The young mind is constantly tuning into things and then saying,      “I understand this, what is next?” They are highly attentive, almost  to an excessive level.


Key Factor for success of Early Childhood Education Program

To make connections, we have researched and brushed up

High Quality and Volume of Learning Resources

Supervision and Training of Instructors

for 25 years. These two are our 「Differentiating services」


Early childhood education focuses long term on children between 0 through 12 years of age. Offering high quality services will lead to customer retention and letting the business grow steadily over a period of time. Satisfied customers can be expected to spread our services through word of mouth.

However, early childhood education is more complicated compared to secondary and higher education. The programs need to be fun and captivating, so that children can enjoy learning.

To realize a unique early childhood education program of high quality, it is vital for instructors to receive thorough training and supervision, so they are able to offer high levels of instruction and services.


Points that Differentiate Copel

Copel provides learning resources and curriculum for 6 years’ worth of lessons (42 lessons per year for 6 years) for students between 0 to 6 years of age. Materials assisting lessons are used for short periods to keep the children engaged with the lesson. A one-hour lesson utilizes more than a dozen different materials.

The amount of learning resources we provide is incomparable with other early childhood education programs.


■ We Never Stop Developing!

Learning resources are developed over a 3-month cycle. Researchers test and improve developing materials with students to see what captivates and motivates them the most. A total of 360,000 researchers and staff have been involved in our research and development of learning resources.

■ High Standard of Quality

Copel provides high quality learning resources, programs and manuals (includes 500 videos of lessons) and a structured system for instructor training to ensure that all learning centers provide the same high level of instruction and customer service.


Learning materials

We have over 2,000 kinds of learning materials.  Resources cover six years’ worth of lessons or 42 weekly lessons per year. Also, we have videos and activity instructions used to enhance classroom materials.