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A strong bakery franchise for COVID19

The impact of COVID19 has prompted a major change in the business style of the FOOD business.

We, Assentia Holdings, are pleased to announce a new business style for Japanese Bakery.

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“Okayama Kobo” powered by Liaison Project

Educational know-how to train craftworkers in only 5 days is excellent in this business.

Franchise a Japanese style bakery with the know-how to train bakers in 5 days!

Characteristic from the customer’s point of view

  • A store that offers handmade, freshly baked breads from flour in-store
  • Additive-free bread dough made with flour from Hokkaido, Japan
  • You can buy freshly baked bread at any time of the day, as small batches are baked frequently throughout the day
  • Of course, their bread is delicious, and it has the flavor that you will never get bored of, even if you eat it every day

Characteristic of the business

  • Japanese style bakery is booming around the world
  • Conventional bakery chains often offer breads that are pre-baked in a central factory or use frozen bread dough, but Liaison Project will enable you to offer freshly baked breads that are made from scratch in-store
  • In the bakery world, it is said that to train a professional baker will take 3- 5 years
  • You can learn all about how to open a bakery in only 5 days with this breakthrough know-how
  • Already over 200 stores have opened and succeeded with this method in the very competitive Japanese bakery world
  • The founder of Liaison Project is a professional baker with more than 35 years of experience. He successfully quantified and manualised the process of the baker training
  • Master franchise agreement is negotiable. You can learn all the know-hows that has been used to develop over 200 stores in Japan (master franchise agreement including area franchise member development, training, business start-up guidance, how to franchise and manage your business)

  • Investment information
  • Initial investment: USD 150,000~
  • Japan-made equipment required: blenders and ovens
  • Number of management required: min. 1
  • Number of staff required: min. 4

FC headquarters’ information


Number of directly managed stores: 2

Support store 200over

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About 5 days training