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7.Management that has no shortage of talented employees.

The merit of continuing to conduct the previously mentioned social gatherings with partners (Refer to 04 A social gathering with partners) was — to hire talent.
Compared to the time (1995 to 2006) when I was managing the Prime–Link restaurants, finding employees is getting more difficult now.

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6.Making of partners burning with enthusiasm.

The making of an enthusiastic partner (a person fighting for the same cause, a comrade), does it require monetary reward?
Could only monetary reward create a group burning with enthusiasm?
When developing a service company, you often hear the following:

“There is no brilliant executive” “I want a capable manager”

“I want employees whose way of thinking is the same as the management”

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5. All the shop have surplus!?  The danger of this.

Are the shops in the red really bad?
When you run shops, some shops will be in the red for sure.
Management reaction to this situation varies.  
Close the shops immediately.
Close the shops within certain period.

Because the stores with a surplus compensate for this loss on the whole, the shops in the red can keep on being run haphazardly without a sense of urgency.
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4.A social gathering with partners.

In response to your questions,  I would like to talk about the content of an event.
I received questions from many of you about a partner (part-time job) social gathering that I had discussed in my second mail magazine. It described the importance of, not only how to manage part-timers, but how to be involve with them. Since the response surpassed my expectation, I would like to describe it in detail.
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3.Howard Schultz (Founder of Starbucks)

The business performance of Starbucks in the U.S.A mainland is making a recovery.
This is where the founder, Howard Schultz, puts the most effort now.   
Communication with customers, new forms of communication, commitment to additional products….(read more)


2.Things I think at the shop

For the past 25 years, the business I’ve been involved in is the franchise business or the restaurant business.
Either one of them.
Japan or Asia, there is a difference, but…(read more)


1. What is a corporation, or a company?

What is a corporation, or a company?
A hanging poster on a train advertised a staffing company.
Which company are you looking for?
A company where one longs for Friday? A company where one longs for Monday?
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