Franchisor support services(Franchise Business Opportunity Guide)

For companies want to expand the business nationwide.
Do you have trouble like these?

  • Want to make my business franchised but no documentation.
  • Don’t know how to hire and interview.
  • Wrote documentation, but not used.
  • Want to reduce running cost.
  • Want to know the proper construction costs or reduce it.
  • Not sure how to promote effectively.
  • No progress in developing franchisees.
  • No guidance tool for SV.
  • Can’t find properties.
  • No eleven functions that a franchisor needs to use.
  • Don’t know diagnostic approach for the site location.
  • Don’t know the methods of PR planning conducted through all branches.
  • Don’t know the market rate for the rent.
  • Don’t know seminar planning and how to create tools.

We will help you to solve those issues.

(Franchise Opportunities)



Support to package FC know-how

We will help to package the know-how required make FC chains.
Just making manuals bound has no point.
It should be a training manual and also a reference book when they are in trouble.
Starting from where? What and how to create?
We support to create the know-how that will be usable enough even though when you have 500 stores or 1000 stores.
It is a recipe, not a desk-theory, that we can tell you, because I used to be the top executive of a franchisor having 500 stores.


FC developing member sotres (recruiting franchiseess)

This is the biggest issue that the top executive think about among the franchisor operations.
How should your business be developed nationwide?
Making the contract, determining the group of areas, the priority of development areas, and how do you affiliated with whome?
A franchisor and franchisees are in the same boat.
What kind of companies you should contract?What kind of companies you should look for?
No, not any franchisees are good.
There are many legal cases for these days, we help all points of the member store development.


Companies we have supported.

We have supported about 30 franchisors so far. 10 companies of them made IPO. This is a list of companies that we have entered into when their franchisors were still small and supported them to public listing of shares.
We support many Japanese famous franchises in addition to below.If you would like to expand the Japanese franchises in your country, we will be glad to coordinate, so please contact us.

Saintmarc Holdigs Co., Ltd.

Saintmarc Holdigs Co., Ltd.・Business category and features
Having FC business of mainly bakery restaurants, also Sushi-go-round restaurants and cafes. Getting a No.1 ranking of operating profit on sales in Japanese food companies for 10 consecutive years. Got a No.1 ranking of restaurants’ deviation score on the last issue of the Diamond magazine.

・The current number of stores
620 stores and 7 brands in Japan.

・Supporting details
Since 1991, started to support when they had 4 stores. Supported to develop FC business in the country. In 1995, made an IPO. Supported until their IPO. Chococro,SaintMarc,Hakodateichiba

Saintmarc Holdigs Co., Ltd.



GULLIVER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.・Business category and features
Having the franchise business of shops purchasing used cars. No. 1 in Japan of the number of used car distribution.

・The current number of stores
450 stores in Japan 4 stores in the USA

・Supporting details
In 1997, supported when they have 20 shops. Then have 450 shops now. Supported development mainly.



REINS international Inc.

REINS-internationalInc・Business category and features
Having Gyu-kaku (Japanese BBQ restaurants), Doma Doma (IZAKAYA-pub) and so on. Gyu-kaku (680 stores): No. 1 in Japan of the number of Japanese BBQ restaurants.

・The current number of stores
1200 stores in Japan.
7 brands
Stores in Taiwan, Singapore, USA, and in Indonesia.

・Supporting details
Since 1996, started to support when they have two stores.Business development, store operations, improvement of their business from inside. Supported until their IPO.

REINS international,Inc


Fujiofood system Co., Ltd.

Fujiofood-system-CoLtd.・Business category and features
Having Maido ookini restaurants and Kushiya. No. 1 in Japan of the number of Japanese restaurants. No. 1 in Japan of the food company’s growth rate in 2003.

・The current number of stores
700 stores in Japan. 6 major brands. 5 stores in China, 1 in Hawaii.

・Supporting details
Engaged in as an outside director since they started. Supported until their IPO.

Fujiofood system Co., Ltd.


Prime Link Co., Ltd.

PrimeLinkCo.Ltd.・Business category and features
Having Gyu-kaku, Toriden, Saint Marc and so on. The founder is Akira Tsutiya (representative AssentiaHoldings). Made a new business model as multi brands FC businesses.

・The current number of stores
500 stores and 10 brands in Japan.

・Supporting details
Founded in 1995 (the founder is Tsuchiya, who is representative of AssentiaHoldings now) Made an IPO after starting the business for 6 years and 2 months.

Prime Link Co., Ltd.


And all that

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Support service of franchisees

Support service of franchiseesSupport service of franchisees or who wish to be a franchisee. For whom wish to join a FC chain or already joined.

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