Management Philosophy

Pursuit of essentials

Resolve social problems through “business process”, and continue the pursuit of this essence.


Our company philosophy is the pursuit of ESSENTIALS as in our company name “ASSENTIA”. This philosophy comes from the idea that only the nature of things, their essence, is the key to solving problems and contributing to corporate growth. We honor this philosophy for we want to be a group that is always pursuing the essentials.
(note: we took SSENTIA from Essential and add “A” to be the first )


 “No philosophy, no corporate growth”,

We will continue to strive for the growth of the company; your support and further guidance are greatly appreciated.

August 29, 2006

Corporate Policy

Only the insatiable pursuit of the essence makes the corporate growth.

Company Creed

Only an insatiable pursuit of the essentials nurtures corporate growth.


GreetingsU.S.A. is a pioneer country of franchise businesses. Many franchise chains there in the country. Many companies have also come into Japan, and they contributed to the growth of franchise business in Japan.
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Company Profile

Company ProfileWe, AssentiaHoldings, Inc. would like to offer assistance to expand (from the introduction to business success) the franchise business in your country.

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