Fun and delicious freshly baked cream puffs and dessert shop

Characteristic from the customer’s point of view

  • “You can enjoy a rich selection of colourful cream puffs – some have two layers of cream, some have the choux with brulée style!”
  • “Since new products are constantly coming out, you can always discover something new every time you go to the store.”
  • “Freshly baked cream puffs are always served in the store.”




Characteristic of the business

BAKED MAGIC has taken business model of “Beard Papa”, the pioneer in the fresh sales of cream puffs to the next level through their product development.
BAKED MAGIC’s diverse range of products ensures a menu that customers will never get bored of. You will be able to serve freshly baked cream puffs with a little twist, which makes them different from others.

As the choux pastry, the key ingredients for the product manufacturing, will be supplied by the headquarters, it is therefore possible to train a non-experienced staff to a full-fledged manufacturer in a short period of time.
Moreover, product quality will be maintained to a certain standard.
The choux pastry dough will be transported by the refrigerated container from japan.


Investment information

Initial investment cost: from USD200,000

Japan-made equipment required: ovens

Number of managers required: min. 1

Number of staff required: min. 4



FC headquarters’ information


Number of directly managed stores: 12

FC stores: 7