Crackers and okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) with seafood

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Characteristics from the customer’s point of view

  • Squid and prawns get pressed in the thick iron plates right in front of you, and quickly changes to the crackers!
  • Raw ingredients transform into crackers, just as they are.
  • The fried crackers have various flavours, such as wasabi, soy sauce and spicy; it’s perfect for a snack or a nibble with drinks.
  • Suitably priced as a little souvenir.


Characteristics of the business

  • It’s popular in Hong Kong as well as in Japan.
  • The hot iron plate is the attraction for the customers, and the fried crackers make the sales.
  • Diverse seafood is the ingredient for the crackers.
  • Popular local seafood in each country can be used to make crackers.

Investment information

Initial investment cost: from USD250,000

Number of manager required: min. 1

Number of staff required: min. 3

FC headquarter information

TAKIDA International Co., Ltd.

Number of directly managed stores: 7

Number of FC stores: 2