A business for people who are looking for “an extraordinary ramen shop”: a ramen business that has never been done before

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Brand owner’s belief/ philosophy

  • “We want to provide high-quality hospitality. We want to deliver ‘extraordinary’ experience to our customers and for them to be happy and inspired. Good quality does not have to be expensive.”
  • “Both the interior and exterior of the store would make you think of a Kappō (Japanese cuisine) restaurant. We want to provide products and space that make you want to take someone with you.”
  • “A simple and consistent operation ”
  • “We want to break the conventional image of ramen shops.”

Customer’s point of view

  • “Design, interior, staff uniform––whatever and wherever you look at in ZAGIN restaurant–– does not give away the impression of a ramen shop. The striking presentation of the dishes or the creamy chicken white broth; things that you have never tasted or seen in a ramen shop before.”
  • “A welcoming atmosphere that female customers can visit on their own or can also be used for a date.”
  • “Each and every employee seems to take pride in working at ZAGIN.”
  • “1200 yen – 1300 yen per bowl is such a great price range for what you get.”

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Characteristics of the business

  • The chicken white broth made with carefully selected ingredients; this broth is extracted by ZAGIN’s own unique method until it becomes rich and creamy, making the most of whole chicken
  • Product development that will always be the object of interest to high-end customers in the city
  • The factory produced soup (only the last stage of the process is done in the restaurant)
  • Maintaining the high price range by achieving a high degree of perfection in each dish
  • Having the headquarters do the soup making, which is the time-consuming part of the business, means that staff can concentrate on providing a high level of service
  • The high unit price that maintains the profit margin high even after the amount of time and effort is subtracted
  • No oil, no smoke, no cooking odour inside the restaurant
  • Customer service that is modelled on the Japanese airline CA’s
  • Visually attractive space
  • Operating business while showing gratitude to everyone involved, and an educational system that develops this attitude

Investment information

Initial investment: USD 250,000 per store

Number of administrators/ managers required: min. 1

Required store area: 60㎡ -130㎡

Number of workers per store: min. 6

FC HQ information

HQ: Silver Grape Ltd.
Number of directly managed stores: 11
FC Stores: 7 stores (or more)

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