Discovering Franchise!!

Franchise chains that everyone knows, those already have stores all around the country, and there is no room for growth and no fun to grow dynamically.  The value of information is:

  • Things you want to know,
  • When you want to know,
  • To whom want to know,
  • The amount you want to know,

to arrive.
Do you think you can find the really valuable FC business on just another business matching or franchise matching site?
There are many franchises that still have enough room to grow and are very interesting in Japan and also around world.
We will introduce some interesting franchises that we have found ,still small but definitely are growing up in the future.
We select them with our unique business perspective (point of view from the market and their potential). Of course, we apply firmly Due Diligence to their franchisor.

Since 1991, we have supported and built a wide variety of franchise businesses. We select FC businesses with the know-how of the experiences.
Maybe some companies do not start developing FC businesses.
Then we will approach and help them to develop franchise.

Anyway, we would like to introduce new franchisees, not fully grown, and still having some room to grow.

More Information

Japanese Cheese Cake “UNCLE TETSU”
Confectionery  “ECHIZEN KAISEN CLUB” 


Step by step to open a Japanese franchise business


If you are interested in expanding a Japanese franchise business in your home country, first let’s have a web meeting with Assentia.



If you want to get in touch, please fill in the necessary information here.

We will e-mail you to schedule our appointment.



We use an app called ZOOM for our web meetings. Access to a link provided from your PC or smartphone to join a meeting. We will be able to have a meeting in either Japanese or English.



First, we will talk about…


  • The type of Japanese business that you think will do well in your country
  • The type of Japanese businesses that are already there in your country
  • Profile of your target customer
  • Scale of the business that you want to achieve in the future?
  • Your career history, areas of expertise etc.


Then, we will give you…

  • Information on the latest Japanese businesses that are aiming overseas
  • Recommended brands that are suitable to franchise in your country


You will then examine the information of the specific franchise brands, and we will determine the date of Japan visit.


【Business Inspection Tour in Japan】

Essentially, we will take you around Japan within 2-4 days .

Past cases: Tokyo- Hiroshima- Okayama- Osaka- Hokkaido- Miyagi



We will set up appointments with the requested/ recommended franchise HQ according to your Japan visit schedule.

Also, we can schedule a tour to see the training system and actual stores.



【Booking flight and hotel】

Generally, we will ask you to arrange your hotel and flight by yourself.

You will be paying for the cost of flights from your country and transportation/ hotel/ food etc. in Japan.


Of course, Assentia staff’s cost of travel/ accommodation will be covered by us.


※ Japan Railway Pass is cheap and convenient for Japan domestic travel.

This pass is only available to the tourists. Please inquire.



【Conducting the inspection tour】

We will meet in the key city i.e. Tokyo and start the tour from there.

It is possible to make free time (sightseeing/ shopping) in the schedule. 


【Development of the plan】

Decide which brand and how to develop the business… We will develop a plan together.


【Market research and property survey】

Assentia staff will come to your country. We will inspect and advice you a suitable location for the brand you want to develop.

We will pay for our own flight tickets and accommodation, but please kindly arrange the transport for the market inspection for us.


【Negotiating a franchise agreement】

We will help solve your questions from the interaction between you and franchise HQ regarding the franchise agreement.


【Conclusion of the franchise agreement】

The content varies depending on the brand.


【Support for the store opening】

The content varies depending on the brand.


【Support after the store opening】

Even after the store opening, Assentia will continuously support your business, separately from the HQ’s support for the franchise member stores.

We will have regular meetings (either web meeting or visit) to understand your circumstances and help your business go smoothly.



Fist please contact us!