Hamburger from JAPAN “the 3rd Burger”

Japanese food culture is expanding to various other countries. And they are highly acclaimed.

In many cases, however, the roots of Japanese food are actually foreign.

Tempura came from Portugal.

Curry rice came from India.

Ramen came from China.

It seems that food culture from abroad has come to Japan, a country in the Far East, and is being output as a special mutation.

Today, we have hamburgers.

What kind of mutation has the American hamburger undergone in Japan?

We hope you will explore it.


There are many hamburger stores that focus on patties, but it is rare to find a hamburger store that focuses on the bun (bread) as well.

Real Fresh, Real Burger.

A third-wave hamburger store from Japan touts its burgers and smoothies made with a Japanese spinach called “Komatsuna”.

Of course, WASABI flavor is also topped on the burger.

French Fried Potatoes have the aroma of nori (seaweed). Do you know what seaweed is? It is a uniquely Japanese food made from seaweed. It is used to make sushi rolls and rice balls.


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