Authentic UDON “ITTEKI”

ITTEKI (means “one drop” in Japanese)

Japanese Sake bar and restaurant where you can enjoy Udon in various soups and Tempuras


Characteristics of the customer’s point of view

  • “You can feel the freshness of the authentic *Sanuki Udon noodle that has been made from scratch in-store and cooked in a big cauldron.”

*Sanuki Udon is a very well-known, and the most consumed Udon brand in Japan, originating from Kagawa, Shikoku. Sanuki is the old name for Kagawa prefecture.

  • “The Udon will be served with not only the traditional soup, but also with the soups that are influenced by other Japanese flavours, and from all over the world i.e. French.”
  • “The broth made with generous use of vegetables, bringing out Umami, is a masterpiece. You will want to lick the bowl clean.”
  • “You can enjoy freshly-cooked Tempuras that are fried right in front of you.”
  • “In the evening, there is a bar menu, too (depending on countries).”

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Characteristic of the business

  • Training curriculum that cultivate Udon chefs in a short period of time
  • Learn how to make authentic Sanuki Udon in a short period of time
  • Localised soup menu is also possible (suggestions need to be made to headquarters)
  • Cost reduction by using plenty of locally-sourced ingredients
  • Revenue contribution from Japanese Sake bar in the evening



Investment information

  • Initial investment: from USD300,000
  • Number of managers required: min. 1
  • Number of staff required: min. 4