How to open a bakery in 5 days!

Introducing Okayama Kobo: how to open a bakery in 5 days!

update: May 6, 2020

There is an unprecedented bakery boom in Japan right now. What is popular amongst the consumers now is bread; a variety of specialty baker business is booming. The common term is freshly-baked.

Today, we would like to report on bakery/ Japanese style bakeries.



Japanese styled bakeries are popular around the world

Bread, of course, was European food, and a record says that it was brought in Japan with guns from Portugal. The bakery businesses only got into full swing approximately 150 years ago when Japan first opened to the West; Japanese bakery has only a short history.

However, during this period, many breads that are unique to Japan were born, such as traditional-Japanese-sweets-inspired “An-pan”, (which has some sweet bean paste inserted in the centre of its dough) and “Souzai-pan” (a savoury, filled/ stuffed bread).


As a result, the bread that was introduced from Europe has evolved in a unique own way, and became the world-wide popular, Japanese-styled bakery.



Key to the bakery management = Human Resources

If you want to develop a bakery business, the key is to nurture and secure professional bakers. It is said that it normally takes several years of training to become a baker.


To understand the delicate condition of wheat, and to assess the condition of fermentation that works well with the temperature and humidity, which change every day, require a craftsmanship that relies on the touch of a delicate fingertip.


The management method of the bakery business without the craftsmanship uses frozen dough that was pre-made in a factory, but the quality of the bakery with this method is much inferior to the freshly-baked bakery.


Although there was a demand for bakery in the world, there was also a limit to the business expansion because of the problem with securing the craftsmen.



No additive, bread dough made from Hokkaido wheat

 The “Liaison Project” by Okayama Kobo Co., Ltd. that has its headquarters in Okayama, Japan features the bakery opening training programme with its slogan, “OPEN A BAKERY WITH 5 DAYS OF TRAINING”.


The CEO of Okayama Kobo is a professional baker who has more than 35 years of experience. Breaking the tradition, he developed a way to quantify and systemise the process of becoming a baker by cleverly manipulating machines and raw materials to enable continuous delicious bread-making.

These are breads made with additive-free bread dough, using the wheat from Hokkaido, Japan

Beside direct stores, have 230 that are operating under their supervision. Sales of these 230 stores during Corona period rise more than 110% to 150% due to the Pandemic. People tend to eat more bread during breakfast and lunch


Master Franchisee wanted

This Liaison Project has already started the chain development in North America.

We are looking for a company with a view to build a bakery chain in your region, and not just a single store.

Please contact us first.

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