About “KOJI”

Do you know what “KOJI” is?

It is something that is indispensable for Japanese traditional food culture.

KOJI is essential in the manufacturing process of soy sauce, miso and also sake.

KOJI is a microorganism that has a property of decomposing starch into glucose, protein into amino acids, as well as decomposing and absorbing fat.

We do not eat KOJI itself, but it is used for fermentation to make soy sauce, miso, sake, katsuo-bushi (bonito flake) etc. by adding to rice, wheat and soybeans.

Japanese food is good for health and longevity, and has been a topic of discussion around the world. Although the ichthyophagy (practice to eat fish) culture has already been proven to be one of the factors for health and longevity, now fermentation is one to be focused on as well. KOJI is an essential part of the fermentation process, and is catching the attentions of chefs from all over the world.


Here we would like to introduce F&B business using KOJI.


KOJI→Miso→Miso Ramen “Take-san”

Nagano Claypot ramen “Take-san” (we have already mentioned this brand once before) is located on the grounds of Kokuhei Miso brewery, which has 234 years of history in Nagano prefecture.

Take-san was born from the collaboration between a long-established miso manufacturing company and a ramen venture company in Nagano, and is known for its original menu using plenty of KOJI.


In their Miso factory on the site, the KOJI is made under a careful temperature control.

The KOJI and soybeans are mixed in barrels, and fermented for one year to produce original miso.

Take-san uses plenty of this original miso in its miso ramen.

Take-san also serves fried chicken that is marinated and softened in KOJI, and gyoza with a hint of KOJI flavour.

Take-san’s flagship store is located on the ground of miso brewery site.

They are inheriting the Japanese traditional food culture.


more information of “Take-san”

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