Assentia Holdings has made a commitment to eradicate poverty through micro-franchising.


Assentia Holdings,Inc. and Taiyo Yuka Co., Ltd. (President: Taihei Ishida, Head Office: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo), announced the “Nutrition Commitment,” a set of specific goals for improving nutrition, on the occasion of the Tokyo Nutrition Summit 2021 to be held on December 7-8, 2021 (hosted by the Japanese government), and registered it on the Commitment Registration Site ( Global Nutrition Report).

Based on our philosophy of “solving social issues through business,” we have formulated the “Nutrition Commitment” with the goal of creating food and jobs in Africa and other countries where poverty and hunger are challenges by establishing a micro franchise model as a path to solving global poverty issues by 2030. The specific goals are outlined in the Tokyo Nutrition Summit.

By announcing our specific goals both domestically and internationally through the Tokyo Nutrition Summit, we are making a firm commitment to society to realize them.

We will also work steadily to ensure transparent progress reporting and follow-up.

Commitment for Tokyo Nutrition Summit 2021


Improving nutrition by improving food security and farmers’ lives.


Commitment Type



Taiyo-Yuka and Assentia Holdings commit to improve agricultural production by 1.1 to 1.5 and decrease the use of pesticides and fertilizers by 60% to 80% of several farmers from various African countries in a 8 years span ( from March 2022 to December 2029  ).  This will be achieved by developing a new business model that will help farmers by providing low cost solutions to help them increase their yield and decrease their pesticides and fertilizers use.

Specific Action

Creation of a new agribusiness model, a micro-franchise that fits the needs of each country, in cooperation with local parties and improving farmers’ lives by increasing their yield, and quality of their crops as well as dispensing the necessary education for organic farming. The micro-franchise will be centered around a biofertilizer that can be produced locally at very low cost.

Responsible Party

Taiyo Yuka,CO,LTD. and Assentia Holdings, Inc.


Yield, current usage of pesticides and fertilizers and the profits of farmers.


Farmers with low yield despite high usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and highly damaged environment/poor soil quality.


Start of the operations in 5 countries in early 2022. Confirm the results with the farmers by 2023. Expansion of the micro-franchise model in surrounding areas as well as in neighbouring countries starting the end of 2023.





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