Inspection tour for your new business in Japan (and how it works)

The 17th country that Assentia Holdings is introducing the Japanese service industry franchise to is Mongolia.

The owner of the company, who has been promoting businesses with Japan for a long time, wanted the young people in his own country to experience the food business of Japan; therefore, he decided to come to us. 


First, we talked about the history of the company business in Mongolia and the owner’s wish/ thoughts, and we have picked up some business categories that he may want to consider. Then, the details of each business were explained.

The communications till this point are done over Web meetings.


A few months later, a business inspection tour was conducted for two nights/ three days when the management team visited to Japan

We met in Osaka, and went around Hiroshima, Nagoya and Nagano.

What’s unique here was that Tokyo was not on the list.


That is because we believe that local cities in Japan can offer more unique and attractive businesses than Tokyo.

Tokyo is the world most populated mega city. The established business in the big city like this has a possibility that it may not work in a smaller country than Japan or a small city.

There are more potential brands in cities like Hiroshima and Nagano to become successful in overseas.

When we take an inspection team from the company around for a tour, what we normally do is to show the stores, get you to try the food, listen to the FC headquarter management team, and exchange opinions. Exchanging opinions with the management team is a particularly important part of this process.


Obviously, we need you to be interested in the store and the business itself, but the key is to find out whether you can build a respectable relationship over FC headquarters’ management philosophy, attitudes and ideas toward business, and the business manner etc. We need to figure out if you are going to be great partners, as a person to a person.


This can be said for both sides: overseas company and Japanese FC headquarter.

It must be a mutual decision.


It is crucial to have a clear reference to each other’s criteria for choosing a business partner.


Assentia Holdings sets up an inspection tour for new businesses for foreign business owners. And we do not charge for it.


It’s not just about going around the stores and tasting the food.

We set up meetings where management team of stores and FC headquarters can discuss their opinions. You can find out about each other as business owners.


So, if you are interested in the inspection tour, please let us know!


  • Step1: Contact us/ entry
  • If you want to start your new business within next 3 years, start gathering information now!


  • Step2: Web meeting (using an online meeting system called “Zoom”)


  • Step3: Inspection destination proposal→ choose destinations
  • We will suggest a few business categories we think suitable for your needs/ wish
  • Then, we will ask your favourite


  • Step4: Setting up date/ time
  • The scheduled arrival date in Japan will be confirmed/ a rough inspection tour plan will be developed


  • Step5: Confirmation of the timing and inspection destinations
  • The appointment of the other party is confirmed


  • Step6: Inspection tour


  • Step7: Follow-up


※Cost for your transportation and accommodation will be at your own expense.

    Our company staff will pay for our own transportation and accommodation.


Let’s start planning a business strategy for your future.


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