About “KOJI”

Do you know what “KOJI” is?It is something that is indispensable for Japanese traditional food culture.KOJI is … 続きを読む

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We will exhibit Japan Africa Business Forum & EXPO/ TICAD7 AUG2019

Side event of the 7th Tokyo International Conference of African DevelopmentJapan Africa Business Forum & E … 続きを読む

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How to open a bakery in 5 days!

Introducing Okayama Kobo: how to open a bakery in 5 days! There is an unprecedented bakery boom in Japan right … 続きを読む

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2019.3 Lecture in Tokyo!!

Next month,I have two lecture in Tokyo^_^Thanks!Japanese Franchise Opportunity3月に2本講演します。 どうぞよろしくお願いします。フーデックス … 続きを読む

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About Howard Schultz (Founder of Starbucks)

Go to our spirits page   >> http://www.assentia-hd.com/en/our-spirit/howard-schultz/

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Inspection tour for your new business in Japan (and how it works)

The 17th country that Assentia Holdings is introducing the Japanese service industry franchise to is Mongolia. … 続きを読む

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It opened for the first time in Australia

The franchise headquarters, supported by Assentia Holdings, has been advancing all over the world from Japan.T … 続きを読む

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2019 Japan International Franchise Show MAR6-8, 2019

Exhibitor List (2019)Category : F & B ABooth No.ALL HEARTS COMPANY / ALL HEARTS COMPANY“ANTIQUE” … 続きを読む

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Japan-Africa Business Fair 2018

We exhibited at the side event “Japan-Africa Business Fair 2018” of the TICAD 7 Ministerial Confer … 続きを読む

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“MISO” Noodle franchise

We will introduce the new brand.It is a ramen shop using miso which is attracting attention as a fermented foo … 続きを読む

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