06-Making of partners burning with enthusiasm.


The making of an enthusiastic partner (a person fighting for the same cause, a comrade), does it require monetary reward?
Could only monetary reward create a group burning with enthusiasm?
When developing a service company, you often hear the following:

“There is no brilliant executive” “I want a capable manager”

“I want employees whose way of thinking is the same as the management”


It would be great if such employees are hired and steadfastly grew, however that is a very unlikely scenario.

The soil where such employees are born depends on the environment around these employees and the influences from around themWhere does corporate culture come from?If we formulate a proper corporate philosophy, will it result in this kind of talented capable person?That is not how it works.
As a person has a personality, a corporation also has a personality


It is a corporate personality (Corporate culture).

A human’s personality is formed by long time influences from the surrounding and blended with his own thoughts.Likewise, creating a corporate culture is not with hard side but with soft side.It is created by blending the personality of each employee.Then, it means that the corporate culture is an aggregate in which the personalities of each employee, each part-timer are blended together.That’s what it means to “create a culture”.The personality of each employee is created; each individual influences people around him.  The philosophy is completed based on propagating its form (style) and shared characteristics.Each individual’s personality does not become a culture, but ideas, thoughts, etc. which are influenced will become a culture.
That is why the words, ideas and identities that each individual creates become important.There are many companies whose philosophy is just “Pie in the sky”.

What does your company do?
If it’s a restaurant industry
Is it just a company that simply provides food?
Is it a company that provides third place like Starbucks?

Is it just a taxi company that simply carries customers?
Or, is it a taxi company that gives customers the best time while traveling?Within the same business and the same industry, the company can change its form anyway you like by its idea and way of thinking.

An agreement with the customers, an agreement with the employees, and an agreement with the shareholders are the corporate philosophy.
Under this influence, the comrades coming together are the employees and part-timers.
Hiring whoever and whatever does not suffice to get comrades.

Educating employees is important, but hiring which comes before is more important.
The key is whether they can agree to our promise (philosophy)

When I first founded the Prime-Link restaurant business, I put the most importance on hiring.
Even then, not many people were interested in working in the restaurant industry, so I first created a corporate philosophy. When I explained it, I hired people whom it excited.

“Excitement Sharing Business”
Later, this philosophy was adapted to and used by many companies. My company was the first.
I can explain even now from what thought I derived this philosophy.

I think that all former founding staff members can explain it.
Three stages of the Excitement Sharing Business.
Not to provide, not to create, the meaning of sharing. (Will be described in a later blog)
It boils down to hiring.
It stipulates “excitement sharing business” rather than restaurant business

I decided in deep down that we do ”human development” together.
When hiring with this idea, true “Samurai” gather together.
Then, during a one hour interview, I was talking about my dream for 55 minutes.
I was getting thrilled while taking.
People who were inspired by that excitement were the first founding members.

After the interview, I ended with “Call me if you want to join the company”All the members I wished to work together called. And — they were hired.
It was the start of entrepreneurship of such “making comrades with burning enthusiasm”.

Assentia Holdings Inc. 
Akira Tsuchiya