VEGAN Ramen/ no meat, no fish, no eggs and no MSG

Nagano Miso Clay pot Ramen TAKESAN

Characteristics from the customer’s point of view

  • “It is very rich miso ramen, but it actually has no animal products in it, and is healthy.”
  • “Japanese traditional clay pot is used for the ramen. You can enjoy it till the last drop of soup.”
  • “No animal products, no MSG; hence, the clean aftertaste and healthiness.”
  • “Japan’s largest produced miso, Shinshu Miso, is generously used in the ramen.”

Characteristics of the business

  • What’s good about Japanese ramen remains as it is, but vegetarians and vegans. can enjoy this ramen as well, since there is no animal product used.
  • It is ramen yet there is no animal product used; as a result, purchasing ingredients will be at a low cost. The cost rate will be lower than regular ramen.
  • Products that have many repeat customers.


Investment information

Initial investment cost: from USD200,000 per store

Number of managers required: min. 1

Retail space required: 75sqm-150sqm

Number of staff required per store: min.4

FC headquarters’ information

Miso Noodle, Inc.

Number of directly managed stores: 2

FC member stores: 0