01-What is a corporation, or a company?

What is a corporation, or a company?
A hanging poster on a train advertised a staffing company.
Which company are you looking for?
A company where one longs for Friday? A company where one longs for Monday?
To put it more accurately.
Can’t wait for a day off, the company you go to reluctantly.
A company where you are selling out moments of your life in exchange for money.
Conversely, a company where you do work you long to do, work you enjoy.
Of course, salary is important, but a company where you feel value in what you do or in the content of your work.
Company’s ideal way is now being questioned. What is a company and what is an enterprise?
“What does it mean to work?” is now questioned.

The human animal craves social belonging.
If you understand the value of your existence within society, your job becomes absurdly enjoyable, and you can have a truly delightful life.
Conversely, there is nothing more mortifying than to think of your occupation as work.

In my previous company (restaurant business), I kept telling the following story to employees and partners (part-timers): 
There are two people working on loading bricks on the road shoulder. I asked one:
“What are you doing?”
The person replied:
“I am piling bricks.”
 I asked the other one the same question:
“What are you doing?”
“I am building a church. 
I am building a church, so that the neighborhood people can have place of serenity.
I want to be useful for everyone.”
Those two perform exactly the same task.
One’s work is piling bricks.
The other one, his work brims with dreams of social values… 
The way of thinking, conceptualization differences, make such a huge difference.
The same thing is happening in any corporation and in any task.
It is necessary to understand what lies ahead for your task, and its social meaning.  
It is necessary for companies and management to make them understand.
Sun Tzu’s  “The Art of War” is management’s favorite book.
What is the most important and written in the beginning in this book? 

The art of war, then, is governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in one’s deliberations, when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.

These are: (1) The Moral Law; (2) Heaven; (3) Earth; (4) The Commander; (5) Method and discipline.

The strategy for a company is to take the following into consideration; Heaven “mother nature and its law”, Earth “geological conditions, The Commander” Management ability”, Method and discipline “military power”

More important than these four, and first thing that Sun Tzu addressed was “The Moral Law – The Way”
This is the enterprise’s corporate philosophy.

Things that bring everyone’s hearts together and influence society by their existential values.
This is the most important thing, without this an organization can’t succeed.
An organization without this is weak and brittle.
Because it does not have a core
Unfortunately, such companies are increasing in number.
A company, where you merely perform a nine to five job.
Do what you are told, be at the mercy of the enterprise. There is no future in such a company.
It is so important that each individual employee can find social value in what they do.
Any work should have social value. Whether each individual can recognize it and absorb it is the key.    
The company which found its social value, will find “more and more social value”.
Recognition by society, making this your own success experience to be accumulated.

Other than building small success stories one atop another, there is no way for us humans to grow.

Confidence is the feeling of trusting in yourself.
Let’s build up the small success experiences!!!

Assentia Holdings,Inc.
Akira Tsuchiya

President Tsuchiya mail magazine