Fluffy soufflé-like Japanese cheesecakes make waves in the world!


Characteristics from the customer’s point of view

  • “UT (Uncle Tetsu) has small stores in railway stations, bustling streets or in shopping malls.”
  • “There are ovens in each store and all the cheesecakes are prepared and baked there. You can buy a freshly baked cheesecake.”
  • “The fluffy and soft sponge cake is sweet, but with little use of sugar.”
  • “You can buy a whole cake at a reasonable price.”


Characteristics of the business

  • An established brand
  • The brand is already successful in countries in East Asia and South East Asia, Canada and Australia.
  • There is no need to have a central kitchen as everything is made and sold in the store.
  • Since it is a small store development, finding a location will be fairly easy. Opening multiple stores in a short period of time is achievable.

Investment information

Initial investment cost: from USD300,000 per store

Number of managers required: min. 1

Retail space required: 60sqm-150sqm

Number of staff required per store: min. 6

FC headquarters’ information


Number of directly managed stores: 10

Number of FC stores: Over 100