Miss Esthe (the Power Tree)

Miss Esthe (the Power Tree)

Beauty business that Japanese cosmetic manufacturer has created

Characteristics of the customer’s point of view

  • “Aesthetic salon that was created by a make-up manufacturer who takes pride in their organic products.”
  • “Use of special beauty products that are made for each age groups (divided in 5 years gap in between) from results obtained by skin analysis.”
  • “Body treatment using a patent tool called the Power Tree that has won the Innovation Award for excellent treatment technology, and received great attentions from all over the world at the 43rd Nouvelle Aesthetic World Conference of the beauty industry held in Paris, France in 2013.”
  • “Power Tree can give you an instant and visible results in both body and facial shape-up.”

Characteristics of the business

  • Unique sales methods will enable you to collect customers without using advertising costs
  • The skin analysis machine will pinpoint the before & after clearly
  • Thorough skin analysis can give a clear treatment guidance
  • By using the Power Tree, you can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction from the body treatment, as well as running business with little burden on the practitioners.
  • Release from physical labor


Investment information

  • Initial Investment: from USD300,000
  • Number of managers required: min.1
  • Number of staff required: min.6