Discovering Franchise!!

Franchise chains that everyone knows, those already have stores all around the country, and there is no room for growth and no fun to grow dynamically.  The value of information is:

  • Things you want to know,
  • When you want to know,
  • To whom want to know,
  • The amount you want to know,

to arrive.
Do you think you can find the really valuable FC business on just another business matching or franchise matching site?
There are many franchises that still have enough room to grow and are very interesting in Japan and also around world.
We will introduce some interesting franchises that we have found ,still small but definitely are growing up in the future.
We select them with our unique business perspective (point of view from the market and their potential). Of course, we apply firmly Due Diligence to their franchisor.

Since 1991, we have supported and built a wide variety of franchise businesses. We select FC businesses with the know-how of the experiences.
Maybe some companies do not start developing FC businesses.
Then we will approach and help them to develop franchise.

Anyway, we would like to introduce new franchisees, not fully grown, and still having some room to grow.

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