Franchise Opportunities




We can expand Japanese franchises all over the world.


From the top, Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and India.


Australia and New Zealand, or Oceania. USA and Canada, or North America.  United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, or Middle East.


By 2017, we have achieved the opening of more than 150 franchise shops in these countries.


The franchised businesses cover the following territory: restaurants, pastry shops, retail stores, also beauty salons and nail salons, cooking schools, and tutoring schools.


While Japanese franchisors may wish to expand overseas by approaching business owners in their choice of countries, by far the most common case is that we receive requests from Asian and Middle Eastern business executives asking: ” I’d like to bring a franchise business from Japan to my own country. “


Japan may be the second largest franchise country in the world, but not all companies are franchising.


Based on your requests from abroad, we begin the negotiation with Japanese companies and open the door for franchise development in your country. (Eg, ABC Cooking studio in Jakarta)


Depending on the stage of economic growth in your country and your company’s core business and its field, the preferred Japanese franchise may be different. We can find the best franchise for your country, your company, and help your company grow.


Japan was the first non-Western country in the world to become a developed country.


There were various changes in the history of Japan, wide ranging business was born and grew during the economic growth period and people’s income rose.


When you compare your country to Japan, for sure, some period in Japan’s development is similar to your country’s current state.


What kind of business prospered in Japan during that time? That information should also be a big clue for your company’s growth.


To understand the details of Japan’s growth is equivalent to getting a “time machine” for you.


We can offer you, as a franchise, a business we found with the time machine.


It is our World Bridge project to bring Japanese business to the world and build a bridge called franchise.

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Akira Tsuchiya

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