The business that has committed to research Japan’s best Ramen

Characteristic from the customer’s point of view

  • “The place where you can eat authentic Japanese Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) Ramen.”
  • “The soup that the business owner has created from researching all the Japanese Ramen is a masterpiece.”
  • “The noodle is homemade. All noodles are made within the store from flour.”
  • “You can have a similar service experience to the time when you are in a good Izakaya (Japanese pub).”

Characteristic of the business

  • The headquarter that researched how franchise really works created this Ramen business.
  • An easy system for an FC member store to run a business
  • The soup is pre-packaged and sent straight out from Japan; therefore the flavour standard will be maintained
  • The noodles are made in-store by Japanese machines. This enables you to market the freshness, and reduce product cost
  • There is a training system in English and Chinese, held in a training centre in Singapore

Investment information

Initial investment cost: from USD 300,000 per store

Number of managers required: min.1

Retail Space required: 75sqm–150sqm

Number of staff required: min. 6

FC headquarters’ information


Number of directly managed stores: 7

Number of FC member stores: 90

Number of stores abroad: 22