It opened for the first time in Australia

The franchise headquarters, supported by Assentia Holdings, has been advancing all over the world from Japan.

This time, we would like to introduce a Ramen FC chain which started in Hiroshima, Japan.

The FC headquarters, WithLink Ltd., operates around 60 stores in Japan, and owns 3 Ramen businesses: pork bone broth, chicken bone broth and seafood dipping noodle.


One of them, the pork broth ramen brand, “BARI-UMA” has expanded their business all over the world. To begin, its Singapore store opened in 2012. It has since expanded to 28 stores in 5 years throughout Asia.

Although this chain has been developed mainly in Asia until now, it successfully opened the very first Oceania store in Perth last month.

On 27th August 2018, the store opened in West Australia, Perth.

Approximately 110㎡, 50 seats.

Currently it opens only during the daytime on weekdays as it is not yet fully staffed. On Fridays and Saturdays, it also opens in the evening.

Even with only the daytime sales, the current daily sales is around AUD $4000 (AUD1=USD0.72).

This is one of the top-class sales in the BARI-UMA world-wide.

Customers are queueing up before the opening time, and the queue stays throughout the business hours.

“BARI-UMA Ramen” showed us that it can be developed successfully, not only in Asia, but also in Oceania.

The main characteristic of this ramen franchise is the soup.

It is a very creamy soup with very little distinctive pork-bone broth smell and is sent out vacuum packed from Japan to the world.

・The cost of transportation and storage is low as it can be stored at room temperature.

・The taste standard will be maintained by using pre-cooked soup

・No trained chefs needed, meaning it is possible to operate business even with only amateurs

…. as you can see, it is full of benefits for running a business.


Many companies who have started this brand’s franchise business operate different line of businesses as their profession including IT, electronics retailers, mobile phone goods chain, women’s apparel, hotel management, etc.

Are you interested in developing this business in your country?

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